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Things You Should Know

Ultimate Burn Ephedra Review

Product details:
Ephedra: 27 mg
Ephedra Alkaloids: Yes, from standardized Ephedra Extract
Caffeine: 300 mg
Manufacturer: Schwartz Laboratories
Package Size: 90 Capsules
Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings in Container: 45
Best Usage:
Lowest Price: $46.66
Cost Per Serving: $1.02

Ultimate Burn is a fantastic fat burner. It has several unique traits that very few other pills bring to the table. It is made by an extremely reputable company, and the formula looks great. Let me explain why Ultimate Burn is so far ahead of so much of the competition.


This diet pill is made by Schwartz Labs. As far as brands go, Schwartz is one of my personal favorites. They go the extra mile everywhere they can. By the way, I also reviewed their Green Stinger, so be sure to check out that review too.

One reason I like this company so much is because of how they manufacture their products. In this area, Schwartz excels. Every product that they make is manufactured with the same standards used for non-prescription drugs.

Their reputation among bodybuilders and serious athletes is a direct result of their efforts. The amount of effort they put in and their attention to detail show in their finished products. I can’t say enough about this company, they really are a great brand.


The ingredients list starts off with 27 mg of ephedra and 300 mg of caffeine. That is a great start but that isn’t all this pill brings to the table. One interesting ingredient here is acacia rigidula. This substance contains natural chemicals that work in a similar way to ephedra.It’s almost like having extra ephedra in the pill.

After that comes bitter orange or synephrine. Synephrine is known for the clean jitter free energy it provides. The unique way that it works in the body allows it to boost your energy levels and metabolism without the jittery feeling that caffeine gives some people. So far this pill is extremely potent without being too strong for most users.

Next on the list are methylsynephrine, EGCG, and a somewhat newer ingredient used to improve your mood. Mood elevators are wonderful during a hard diet. They really help you stick to your plan and get the results you want.

Methylsynephrine is a more powerful and longer lasting form of synephrine. It will also give you jitter free energy and raise your metabolism even more. EGCG helps to extend the effects of every dose and has its own fat burning effects as well.

Schwartz also included an array of ingredients to help with your thyroid. The thyroid and its effects on losing weight aren’t really talked about enough. If you have a problem with low thyroid levels, then losing weight could be exceptionally hard. However, if your thyroid is normal and you take something to boost your levels, you will lose weight easily. Since these ingredients are included in the formula they should make losing weight much easier.

The last complex on the label is a “Heat Complex”. This is something that you do not see very often. It is full of extracts from extremely spicy foods. You may be wondering what effect this could have on dieting and weight loss. To simplify things, when your body is making more heat than usual, your metabolism is higher. This complex of ingredients causes your body to become warmer than usual and by this process it raises your metabolism even further. Schwartz Labs has really done a great job with the formula for this product.

One unique thing about the directions is that these ones give you some flexibility. That is especially important for beginners or those trying ephedra for the first time. The directions state that you can take anywhere from one to three servings per day.

Each serving is 2 caplets. If you take more than one serving per day then they should be spaced as evenly as possible. This flexibility allows everyone from beginners to seasoned veterans to find the total daily dose that is right for them.

What You Can Expect

Keep your expectations high for this one. You won’t be disappointed. It has everything you need to take off as much weight as you want. Expect loads of extra energy throughout your entire day while using this product.

I would not expect any energy crashes due to the flexible dosing schedule. One other thing you may experience is an increased body temperature from the heat complex. Overall, I would say that this fat burner has all the power you could ever need to achieve your weight loss goals.


Due to the power and flexibility this product offers I can recommend it to everyone. Beginners may still find it a little strong, even taking just one serving, but each serving is 2 pills so taking less is easy.

If you have not used ephedra before then you could even take 1 pill twice per day. If you have used ephedra or other fat burners before then feel free to experiment with this one. Surely with the power and dosing flexibility this pill offers you can find the perfect schedule for you. My guess is that 2 to 3 servings per day will be ideal for most people.


Ultimate Burn really is a great fat burner. It is made by Schwartz Labs and all of their products are very well liked by many people. It is a little more expensive than some of the other ephedra products, but well worth the price difference.

I highly recommend that you take a look at this product and consider it as an option to reach your fat loss goals quickly and comfortably.