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Things You Should Know

Superdrine RX-10 Review

Product details:
Ephedra: 20 mg
Ephedra Alkaloids: Yes, from standardized Ephedra Extract
Caffeine: 200 mg
Manufacturer: American Generic Labs
Package Size: 120 Capsules
Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings in Container: 60
Lowest Price: $49.49
Cost Per Serving: $0.82

Superdrine is a clone of the original Xenadrine RFA-1. Clone products are very common in the diet pill business if you haven’t noticed. Once one company finds something that works well, everyone else tries to copy it as fast as they can.

So how does Superdrine compare to the legendary Xenadrine RFA-1? Keep reading and you’ll find out soon enough.


This product is made by American Generic Labs. There isn’t a lot I can say about them, but that means I don’t have anything very bad to say either.

What I do know about them is that they seem to use high quality ingredients and their supplements are produced in an FDA approved facility.


This formula is very simple. It is very similar to Xenadrine RFA-1, but the key difference is that ephedrine has been replaced by ephedra extract. To be completely honest, it takes a lot of ephedra extract for the effects to even be close to a small dose of ephedrine.

Unfortunately, this product only gives you 20 mg of ephedra extract per dose. That isn’t very much and most competing products have anywhere from twice to seven times that amount. This alone prevents the product from coming close to the original RFA-1.

Next on the list is 200 mg of caffeine. This isn’t bad. This is probably about the highest amount of caffeine that you would want to take at one time. It helps to even out the low dose of ephedra in this diet pill.

To qualify this fat burner as an ECA stack, it would need either white willow bark or green tea extract. This formula contains both. This is another good thing that helps to compensate for the relatively low dose of ephedra.

There are three more ingredients that I would like to mention. The first of those is ginger. Generally, ginger is added to diet pills to prevent stomach issues.

If you’ve ever had way too much coffee in the morning and then ended up stuck in the bathroom soon after, you know what I’m talking about. Of all the diet pills that contain ginger now, I haven’t heard of one that still gave users stomach issues.

The other two ingredients worth mentioning are tyrosine and carnitine. Tyrosine is an amino acid that is often used with caffeine to stay alert and energized. It doesn’t give you that get up and go feeling, it’s more of a stimulant for your mind.

Carnitine is an anti-catabolic ingredient. That means that it helps you keep more of your muscle tissue while dieting. It also makes fat burning easier by getting body fat out of the cells and into the bloodstream where it can be used for energy. Other than the low dose of ephedra, this formula is very nice.

What To Expect

Maybe it’s just because people are comparing this to the old RFA-1, but most users aren’t very satisfied with it.

Honestly, I’m betting that anyone who didn’t get to use the original Xenadrine would be happy with this product. It’s simply a matter of ephedrine being swapped out for ephedra extract.

If you look around the main complaint you will see is that this product isn’t as strong as the original. It can’t be. It’s not legally possible anymore.

This is still a good formula and it will give you noticeable results. I wouldn’t expect much in the way of side effects. The worst thing you may notice is a bit of a jittery feeling from the caffeine.


Superdrine was made to be taken twice per day. Each serving is 2 capsules, so this leaves you some flexibility. One thing you may want to try is taking 1 capsule 3 times per day.

Personally I am a fan of the three times per day dosing schedule. In my experience that is what works the best to keep energy levels even throughout the day.

If you have never used ephedra before then you may want to try taking 1 capsule twice a day.

Wrap Up

Superdrine RX-10 isn’t a bad diet pill. If you’re expecting it to be just like the original Xenadrine RFA-1, then you will be disappointed. Too many users directly compare the two and it has tarnished this product’s reputation.

To be honest, it’s not even a fair comparison due to the ban on ephedrine. However, if you are looking for a no nonsense fat burner that can get the job done, this may be just what you’re looking for.