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Things You Should Know

Mini Trim 50 Ephedra Review

Product details:
Ephedra: 50 mg
Ephedra Alkaloids: Yes, from standardized Ephedra Extract
Caffeine: 300 mg
Manufacturer: Diet Labs USA
Package Size: 100 Capsules
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings in Container: 100
Lowest Price: $34.49
Cost Per Serving: $0.34

Mini Trim 50 isn’t a diet pill that you hear about every day, but I did notice it at a local convenience store, so you’ve probably seen it too.

It is used more for energy than anything else, but I really can’t see why they included “mini” in the name. There’s nothing small about this pill. Bigger isn’t always better though, so pay attention to see if this fat burner is right for you.


This little energy boosting diet pill is made by a company called Diet Labs USA. I wish I could tell you more about the company, but the information is just not available. Even after digging and researching I could not find a website for this company.

Usually that just means that the company is small and doesn’t do a lot of marketing. Sometimes this is to hide from big brother, other times it is simply a financial thing. In this case I can’t say either way.

Supplement Facts

This is where I don’t see how they can say there is anything mini about this fat burner. It starts off with a 50 mg dose of ephedra extract. If you’ve read any of my other reviews then you know that is a respectable amount, especially considering many other products only have 10 to 25 mg per serving. The extract is not standardized as far as I can tell, but the amount should make up for that. It’s off to a good start so far.

To make this diet pill an ECA stack, standardized white willow bark and 300 mg of caffeine have been added. With 50 mg of ephedra extract and 300 mg of caffeine per serving, this pill packs quite a punch in the energy department.

Green tea extract has also been included to work with the white willow bark. These two ingredients help to prolong the energy boosting and fat burning effects of each dose.

The only other stimulant here is synephrine and to be honest, this formula would still work well without it.

The rest of the formula is made up of a combination of ingredients that legitimately impress me. The first of those is carnitine. Carnitine is not a stimulant. It works on the cellular level to release fat from within cells. The fat moves from the cell to the bloodstream and then it can be used for energy. Basically it tells your cells that you are starving so that they release the fat to “save” you. Quite an interesting ingredient as far as how it works. The result of this is that your muscle tissue is saved from being used for energy. Since you aren’t losing muscle while you diet, you look much harder and just better overall when your diet is finished.

Coleus forskoli is an ingredient that you don’t see so often anymore. It is of particular interest to men. On its own, it can be used to naturally boost testosterone levels. During a diet, high testosterone levels are a very good thing. They help to keep your muscle tissue from being used for energy and they also keep you feeling good overall. It has no significant effects on women that I am aware of.

The final two ingredients that you need to know about are guggulsterones and cayenne. Cayenne is a source of capsicum, the substance that makes hot peppers hot. It creates real measurable heat within the body. The trick is that your body has to increase its metabolism to come up to temperature. Cayenne is essentially a non-stimulant fat burner. It may cause some users to sweat because of the way it works.

Guggulsterones are something of a double-edged sword. They can help you start losing weight quickly, but they can also cause you to gain the weight back once your diet is over. These substances are copies of hormones made by your thyroid. They basically regulate your metabolism. By increasing them, your metabolism increases. It’s as simple as that. The downside is that once your body catches on, it will lower its production of these hormones. Using guggulsterones for too long can give you thyroid problems and a high risk for rebound weight gain.

Real World Results

As you may have guessed, this diet pill will give you loads of extra energy. This energy will also last through most if not all of the day. In terms of weight loss, this fat burner does deliver. You can expect noticeable results within a week and for them to continue to increase for probably 3 to 4 weeks. If you take this pill for a longer period of time than that then you may get a nasty rebound when you stop using them.


I do recommend this diet pill, but it isn’t right for everyone. Each capsule is 1 full serving and the label recommends taking 3 servings per day. In my opinion a three times per day dosing schedule is ideal. However, less experienced users will probably want to start with something that isn’t so strong.

Dieters that have used similar products should be fine starting with 2 doses per day and then going to 3 per day after a week or so. The main risk with this product is rebound weight gain, so don’t use it for a long period of time. I would say 4 to 5 weeks is about the max if you don’t want to go through the rebound. Using this diet pill in 2 to 3 week cycles would be ideal. For example, use it for 2 to 3 weeks, then take the same amount of time off and repeat this as needed.


Overall, Mini Trim 50 impresses me. I just do not recommend it to beginners. Anyone who doesn’t have some experience with ephedra will probably have some side effects if they decide to use this product.

The brand is relatively unknown but I think the formula makes up for that. Just make sure that you have some experience under your belt before taking this fat burner. Also, if you do, use it in short bursts, like 2 to 3 weeks at a time. I think that this fat burner is a great choice for more experienced users.