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Things You Should Know

Metabodrene 356 Review

Product details:
Ephedra: 10 mg
Ephedra Alkaloids: Yes, from standardized Ephedra Extract
Caffeine: 40 mg
Manufacturer: Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals
Package Size: 90 Caplets
Serving Size: 1 Caplet
Servings in Container: 90
Best Usage:
Lowest Price: $28.33
Cost Per Serving: $0.31

Metabodrene 356 is something of a clone of the original Metabolife. When Metabolife was pulled from the market it left a huge gap and Hi-Tech has tried to fill it.

Some users are very happy with this product. Others are not. I’ll show you exactly why soon enough.


This fat burner is another product from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. Many of their products are excellent. Even in a worst case scenario, if nothing else about the product is good, their ingredients are superb.

Hi-Tech has been in the supplement business a long time and they definitely know how to put together a high quality product.


This formula is pretty similar to a lot of other fat burners. The exception is that this product also contains a number of ingredients strictly for the purpose of health.

Some of those would be goldenseal, Royal Jelly, Lecithin, Damiana, Sarsaparilla, and Spirulina. Those six cover many important structures and functions of the body. If you want to split hairs though, these will help women more than men.

The product is built around a 10 mg dose of ephedra extract per serving. As I have mentioned in other reviews, Hi-Tech uses one of the best ephedra extracts known to the industry. That 10 mg goes a long way.

The ephedra is complemented by 40 mg of caffeine coming from guarana. To make this more like an ECA stack, green tea extract has been added to compensate for the lack of white willow bark. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing and it makes sense when you consider the additional goal of this formula, which is to keep you healthy. Green tea extract has a number of additional health benefits that white willow bark does not.

To boost energy levels even higher, synephrine and yohimbe extract have been added. Both of these are strong stimulants with fat burning effects. They don’t amount to much on their own, but they help the ephedra do a better job.

The final ingredient that I want to tell you about is ginger. Ginger is known for its ability to keep the stomach calm. Things like ginger ale and ginger pills have been popular remedies used to calm stomachs for years. The presence of ginger in this product virtually guarantees that users will be free of stomach discomfort.

What To Expect

Do not expect extremely fast results if you choose this diet pill. It was made with health in mind and to be taken for longer periods of time. Since that is the case, it does work. Some just expect it to work too fast.

This product is not hard on your body, nor does it carry any considerable risks. Expect to have a noticeable increase in energy that lasts all day. Your results will progress over time, just be patient. This product is also an excellent choice for women.


The label recommends taking 1 capsule 3 times per day. After dissecting the formula I do not have any other suggestions. Most, if not all users should do just fine with that dosing schedule.

You could take 2 servings per day instead of 3 if you really think it’s necessary, but I don’t. Everyone from first timers to experienced users should be able to start using the full amount right away.

In my opinion, this product is best for maintaining and slowly improving any results you may have already. First timers will get more out of it than experienced dieters.


Metabodrene 356 is a high quality fat burner, but it is not the miracle pill so many people are searching for. It can and will give you results, but they will come over time.

This product is best for anyone who wants to maintain the results of their last diet, especially women. If that is your goal or this is your first time using ephedra, definitely consider Metabodrene.