Top Ephedra Diet Pills

Ultimate Fat Burner For Weight Loss, Energy and Bodybuilding:
Hellfire EPH 150
Hellfire EPH 150

This diet pill is my personal favorite. There is nothing stronger than it. If you’re an energy lover like me, this pill will be [...]

Energy Boost and Fast Weight Loss:
Lipodrene Hardcore With Ephedra
Lipodrene Hardcore with Ephedra

This formula has enough kick to get even the most experienced dieters amped up and ready to go [...]

The Best For Beginners:
Asia Black 25
Asia Black 25

There is one main reason that this fat burner is the best for beginners. That reason is flexibility. Each capsule gives [...]

The Best For Mental Stimulation:
Black Spider 25
Black Spider 25

Black Spider 25 has a fantastic mix of ingredients that help you mentally. Some of these include ephedra, ginseng and [...]

Things You Should Know

Kaizen Ephedrine versus Synergenex: Which is the Best?

These are the top two brands of ephedrine on the market today. I’ll explain to you why, the similarities, differences, and if one is really better than the other. I’ll start with the similarities.


Both of these pills are exactly 8 mg each. In this area they are the same. The good thing about them both being 8 mg pills is that 8 mg per pill is the perfect dose for this kind of fat burner.

That allows you to adjust your personal dose to whatever you need it to be. You can easily start out on a very low dose and work your way up. Also, if you need just a little more you can easily add a pill.

You don’t have that luxury with combination products or other pills that have a higher dose. It is much better to have tons of small pills as opposed to having bottles of mega dose pills lying around that are too strong for you. Although not seen often, some 12 mg pills do exist.

The 8 mg version like these two is much easier to use. They are also safer because of this. You are less likely to unintentionally take too much.

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Kaizen and Synergenex are both top brands. Both of them are very safe options in terms of quality. The only real concern here is getting them from a trusted supplier. I recommend going with my choice to prevent being scammed.

There are always counterfeits made of the best supplements and fat burners. The real pills are some of the best you can find, and actually you’d be hard-pressed to find anything better.

Both products contain only ephedrine HCl and no other ingredients. If you’re going to build your own EC or ECA stack then this is exactly what you want. Sometimes extra ingredients just complicate things, especially the ones found in the ephedrine pills sold in pharmacies.

If you’re going to use this fat burner for weight loss then you do not want any extra decongestants to be in the mix. Both of these manufacturers have been building their reputation for quality among users for years. Their quality is what allows them to remain among the most in demand fat burners on the market.


Either one of these fat burners can be picked up for a very reasonable price. If anything, it seems that Synergenex tends to be a little cheaper. If you find a good deal they may even be the same price.

The amount you spend on either one of these pills will be money well spent. I can safely say that nothing else will provide results like one of these pills and you definitely will not find a better buy anywhere.


To be completely honest, there aren’t any major ones. We’re comparing apples to apples here. Really the biggest difference is the label. Other than that, they’re basically the same product.

Also, if you know anything about the supplement industry then you can probably guess that the raw materials for both come from the same place.

In this case I can’t say that for sure, but the chances are high. Even when discussing these two with other bodybuilders it’s very hard to find a difference other than the brand and label.

The Verdict

Kaizen and Synergenex both make excellent products. They are both a safe bet in terms of quality, cost, and the results they can provide. The only real difference between the two is cosmetic.

If you are looking for the best ephedrine HCl pill on the market then I highly recommend both of these brands.