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Things You Should Know

Jacked Up Ephedra Diet Pills Review

Product details:
Ephedra: 25 mg
Ephedra Alkaloids: No
Caffeine: 250 mg
Manufacturer: Sports One
Package Size: 100 Capsules
Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings in Container: 50
Lowest Price: $31.49
Cost Per Serving: $0.62

Jacked Up is one of those ephedra pills that always ends up being a topic for discussion in bodybuilding circles. Some people love it, others downright hate it. After giving it a try myself and really taking a hard look at the formula, I think I know why there is such a split when it comes to this product.

Keep reading and you will know soon too. Just don’t pull out your wallet quite yet. This pill may not be right for you.


Before I rip into this company too much, I just have to say that I am not a fan of theirs for more than one reason. That being said, Jacked Up is made by a company called Sports One. They specialize in what would be considered “hardcore” products for bodybuilders and elite athletes.

There are two problems with that. The first is that some of their products can have some nasty side effects if they are used by someone who doesn’t know what they are dealing with. The second is that the formulas leave a lot to be desired in terms of quality. These two problems both have something to do with the mass split in opinions about this fat burner.


This formula starts off with 25 mg of ephedra extract per serving. Unfortunately that extract is a low quality one that is not standardized. That means that you can never be sure how much of the ingredient will actually have the effects you want, and it also means that there can be huge variations in strength from batch to batch.

Sports One has tried to make this diet pill more like an old ECA stack by adding white willow bark and 250 mg of caffeine per serving. This is both good and bad. White willow bark works to extend the stimulant and fat burning effects of caffeine and ephedra in the body. It gives each dose a considerable boost as far as how long you will feel it.

The bad thing here is actually the 250 mg of caffeine. Since the ephedra extract used in this product is a bit of a low dose and also low quality, the large amount of caffeine is being used as something of a cover up. Two hundred and fifty milligrams of caffeine will get anybody zooming. No matter how much experience you have that is still a hefty amount of caffeine to take all at once. Since you would only buy this pill because it has ephedra, and caffeine is being used to compensate for the subpar ephedra that is a definite mark against this fat burner.

The next ingredient you need to know about is a class of substances called guggulsterones. These are synthetic copies of some of the hormones produced by your thyroid. In the body, the thyroid is the gland that is primarily responsible for your metabolism. So, by increasing the levels of these hormones, you basically increase your metabolism.

The downside is that using guggulsterones for too long will cause your thyroid to produce less of these hormones. That leads to the rebound weight gain that everyone is always so afraid of. What most people don’t realize is that taking these for a long enough period of time can actually cause you to start gaining weight even when you should be losing it. Do not alter your hormones unless you know what you’re doing. The moral is, if you don’t have a thyroid problem, don’t give yourself one with guggulsterones.

There are four more ingredients in this fat burner worth mentioning. Those are yohimbine, synephrine, carnitine, and hoodia. Yohimbine and synephrine add to the stimulant power of this mix while also helping in the weight loss department. Carnitine can improve the quality of your final results by preserving muscle tissue during your diet. This can help you achieve the hard look so many people want. Hoodia is known to cut hunger and keep your food cravings at bay while you are dieting.

What To Expect

This product has one fatal flaw, and that is the low quality ephedra used in it. It will still provide plenty of energy and it will also be effective for weight loss. The downside is that you will probably crash hard from the high dose of caffeine and the risk of gaining the weight back is very high.


I have to recommend that you stay away from this product unless you only plan to use it for a very short period of time. Even at that, it will probably only give beginners the results they are looking for and the formula is not ideal for them.

However, if you do decide to use this diet pill, it was made to be taken 1 to 2 times per day. The label defines 1 serving as 2 capsules. My recommendation would be to take 1 capsule 3 times per day if you buy this fat burner. I am not recommending it though; I just want that to be clear.


Jacked Up ephedra leaves a lot to be desired in its formula. Some of the individual ingredients have been included in doses that are only appropriate for more advanced users, but as a whole it only has the strength to produce results for those with less experience.

The ephedra that is used in the product is low in quality and the large dose of caffeine tries to hide that. Overall, I do not recommend this pill to anyone. There are far better options available. The various risks in terms of both health and rebound weight gain are too high. Take a look at some of my other reviews. This one isn’t worth the money.