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Hellfire EPH 150

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Things You Should Know

Hydroxytrol Review

Product details:
Ephedra: 50 mg
Ephedra Alkaloids: Yes, from standardized Ephedra Extract
Caffeine: ?? mg
Manufacturer: Foundation Nutriceuticals
Package Size: 120 Capsules
Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings in Container: 60
Lowest Price: $47.99
Cost Per Serving: $0.78

In the supplement world, there is something called a “clone product.” A clone product is one that is based on another and is very similar to it. Hydroxytrol is something of a clone product.

The makers of it tried to copy the original Hydroxycut that worked so well for people. Is this fat burner as great as the original Hydroxycut or just a sad knock off? Keep reading to find out.


What we have here is another fat burner from Foundation Nutriceuticals. I strongly dislike this brand because of their formulas and marketing tactics. They are definitely not the most honest company and this is clear to educated consumers like me. To tell the truth, I generally tell people to avoid any product from this company. I see far too many things that I don’t like.


Before we get to the details of what is in this product, you may want to know that it is meant to be taken only once a day. This may help you to understand the logic behind the dosage amounts of certain ingredients. However, I think that this was a bad call by the formulator. Anyway, I’ll let you decide.

The first major ingredient is 50 mg of ephedra extract. What part of the plant it is and whether it is standardized or not isn’t mentioned. This means that we have to assume it is a low quality extract. When it comes to ephedra extract, standardization is key and this product is lacking in that area.

The next significant ingredient is guarana and a lot of it. This formula has 950 mg of guarana. Guarana is used here because it is a natural source of caffeine. The bad thing about this is that the manufacturer left out exactly how much caffeine comes from this ingredient.

In a way, this product tries to be an ECA stack. The ingredients are of poor quality, but they tried. White willow bark was included to finish the ECA theme.

The last ingredient I noticed really concerned me. The one I’m talking about is chromium. Normally this would be a good thing. The problem is the amount. Each dose is supposed to contain a whopping 325 mcg of it. Although a mcg is smaller than a mg, this is still a big deal.

Perhaps I am more cautious with this ingredient because of my own situation. Due to the amount of muscle tissue I have, my blood sugar already drops easily. This can cause issues any time I go too long without eating. Since chromium drops blood sugar levels, this pill could actually be dangerous for someone like me. Again, this is not because of the ingredient itself, but because of the high amount in each serving.


Should you decide to spend your money on this fat burner, expect a quick blast of energy followed by a crash. You may even get a headache and some tremors or cold sweats as well. This formula drops everyone’s blood sugar too far.

Seriously low blood sugar is not fun to experience. Trust me on that one. If you take this pill for a month and lose a few pounds then I will congratulate you. It won’t be the result of taking this supplement; it will be the result of your diet and exercise. The fat burning effects are too short lived to do you much good.


I recommend avoiding this product. Somebody really wasn’t thinking when they came up with this. The only thing that is worse than a dangerous diet pill is one that’s dangerous and doesn’t produce results. That is exactly what we have here. This product is very risky for anyone with blood sugar issues.


Hydroxytrol was meant to be a clone of one of the greatest fat burners of the past, but it does not live up to anyone’s expectations.

I cannot recommend this to anyone, regardless of experience level. It is just not a quality product and could be dangerous for some users.