Top Ephedra Diet Pills

Ultimate Fat Burner For Weight Loss, Energy and Bodybuilding:
Hellfire EPH 150
Hellfire EPH 150

This diet pill is my personal favorite. There is nothing stronger than it. If you’re an energy lover like me, this pill will be [...]

Energy Boost and Fast Weight Loss:
Lipodrene Hardcore With Ephedra
Lipodrene Hardcore with Ephedra

This formula has enough kick to get even the most experienced dieters amped up and ready to go [...]

The Best For Beginners:
Asia Black 25
Asia Black 25

There is one main reason that this fat burner is the best for beginners. That reason is flexibility. Each capsule gives [...]

The Best For Mental Stimulation:
Black Spider 25
Black Spider 25

Black Spider 25 has a fantastic mix of ingredients that help you mentally. Some of these include ephedra, ginseng and [...]

Things You Should Know

EC versus ECA Stack: What’s Right For You?

We talked a lot about ephedra and the various forms of ephedrine. You may remember me mentioning something called the EC stack.

EC stack

EC stands for ephedrine and caffeine. As you may know both of these ingredients are potent stimulants.

However, there is a reason that they’re put together in one pill sometimes. Actually, there’s more than one reason so I’ll explain all of them to you.


The main reason that these two ingredients are sometimes put together in one pill is because they work in different ways. The professional term is pathways, but there’s no reason to be professional here.

You need to know what to expect and why, without any technical jargon. Anyway, there is more than one way that your body can be stimulated by an ingredient.

To keep things simple, ephedrine stimulates your body in one way and caffeine stimulates it in another. By having these two kinds of stimulation at the same time that means you get at least twice the effects.

These two work together in your body to raise your metabolism more than either one can by itself. Even in clinical studies, the EC stack produced better results than either ingredient on its own at the same dose.

The pathway that ephedrine takes in the body is very different from the way most normal stimulants work. It actually causes the body to react like it would if it was full of adrenaline.

Caffeine works differently. The effects of caffeine come from the way it interacts with your brain. Ephedrine affects the entire nervous system. Each one is capable of giving you quite an energy boost, so as you can imagine putting both of them together is a very powerful combination.


One distinct advantage of using the EC stack is that the results can’t be beat for the price. Most products that only contain these two ingredients are not expensive. Also, the specific combination has been tested and proven as I mentioned earlier.

Some people think that this stack couldn’t possibly work well, they are wrong in their assumption. I have never met someone or heard of someone that has not seen results when using this stack. It is a great buy considering the results you can get, especially compared to other diet pills with more ingredients and a higher price tag.


When it comes to this stack it doesn’t have many weaknesses. In fact, it would be difficult to find a major one. The only possible one that comes to mind is overstimulation.

Some people give these pills a try and find out that they are a little too strong for their taste. This is rare, since most people considering ephedra-based products tend to enjoy stimulants, but it does happen sometimes. Personally I enjoy the energy that I feel from this stack.

The ECA Stack

This is the mother of all fat burners. You will never find a stronger diet pill then the ECA stack. That’s not my opinion either. It was proven to be the strongest stack of all time in clinical studies and in the real world.

So what is this magical combination? ECA stands for ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin. You may be wondering why aspirin has been added to the mix. It’s actually very simple.

The aspirin enhances the effects of the other two ingredients. This stack has a synergistic effect that is far greater than any of the ingredients on their own.


These are the strongest pills available. No pill can give you better results than what you’ll get with this stack. That is the main reason that so many people were upset when it was banned, or at least partially banned.

The energy you have when using this combination is much greater than anything else available. It’s almost like a stimulant junkieв’s dream but in pill form.

To find anything that is even comparable in terms of the energy it gives you, you would have to look to illegal drugs.


The ECA stack is just too much for some people. It is not for beginners, and it is not for those that are very sensitive to stimulants.

These stacks also cost a little more, but that make sense. They can also be somewhat hard to come by.

Some people avoid trying these pills only because they are afraid they will not be able to find them again. However, like every fat burner that I discussed here (that is worth taking) I have found some good places to buy them from.

Pick What’s Right For You

Each kind of pill is right for someone. Beginners and those of you with less experience with stimulants can see great results with a single ingredient product, like pills containing only the HCL form.

If you have a moderate amount of experience with fat burners then any of these products will be a good option for you. You can probably get away with using the ECA stack, but I’m sure you could still see good results with the straight pill or the EC stack.

If you have used a lot of fat burners and have been exercising for a longer period of time, then the ECA stack is probably the best choice for you. It is the absolute strongest fat burner available.

Things To Remember

It’s hard to go wrong with the EC or ECA stack. If you want results then these are some of your best options, especially considering the cost.

The market is full of high-priced diet pills that claim to work miracles and never produce anything as far as real-world results.

These stacks are a great way to go for both results and cost. A high quality ECA stack may cost a little more than an EC stack or ephedrine pill, but it is also stronger. Nothing has ever been proven to be stronger than the ECA stack.