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Things You Should Know

Diablos ECA Fire Review

Product details:
Ephedra: 50 mg
Ephedra Alkaloids: Yes, from standardized Ephedra Extract
Caffeine: 225 mg
Manufacturer: Innovative Bio-Laboratories
Package Size: 120 Capsules
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings in Container: 120
Lowest Price: $33.33
Cost Per Serving: $0.28

Diablos ECA Fire is a very high quality fat burner that is actually quite popular. If you ask around about ephedra pills then you are bound to hear about this one sooner or later.

People talk about it and for good reason. Don’t take my word for it though; keep reading to find out why this diet pill works so well.


This fat burner is made by Innovative Laboratories. Sometimes you may see them being referred to as Innovative Bio-Laboratories. For some reason people just can’t quite decide what to call them.

Either way, when it comes to ephedra they are one of the best in the business. They also produce Black Mamba Hyper Rush and Hellfire EPH 150. Both of those products also received good reviews; feel free to check them out.


Given the reputation that Black Mamba and Hellfire have, Diablos has a lot to live up to in this area. The good news is that it does. No smoke and mirrors here, just a solid formula full of ingredients that produce results.

Each serving is only 1 pill and gives you a full 50 mg of standardized ephedra extract. The keyword here is standardized. Innovative Laboratories uses only standardized ephedra extract for their products. That is a sign of both quality and purity. When it comes to supplements, purity also means safety.

The next major ingredient is 225 mg of caffeine. So far this pill is living up to the ECA part of its name, or at least as much as legally possible. Two hundred and twenty five milligrams is a hefty dose of caffeine. To put things in perspective, that is equivalent to somewhere between 4 and 8 cups of coffee.

To really live up to the term ECA, this mix only needs one more thing. Fortunately, it delivers. If you aren’t familiar with supplements and drugs, white willow bark and aspirin are generally the same thing. Aspirin has just been processed and purified more. Each dose of Diablos contains 100 mg of white willow bark. Innovative Laboratories has done a great job of getting as close to the original ECA stack as legally possible.

However, this diet pill is more than just ECA. Another notable ingredient it contains is chromium.

Chromium is known to help weight loss by lowering your blood sugar levels. High blood sugar prevents fat loss and this ingredient works to keep that from happening. One factor that goes hand in hand with blood sugar is hunger and that is addressed as well.

Hoodia is included in the mix to cut hunger and minimize food cravings.

The formula is complemented by the addition of synephrine and yohimbine. Both of these ingredients are powerful stimulants that help to burn off even more fat.

Real World Results

If you have heard of this diet pill before, then I’m sure that what you heard was good. I have never met or heard of someone that had a bad experience with this product. If a supplement doesn’t work then users everywhere will let you know. In this case it is the exact opposite. Users rave about the energy and fat loss effects.

After dissecting the formula this is no surprise. High quality ingredients lead to high quality results. Expect to have very high energy levels and to start losing weight quickly. Also, don’t expect the weight to stop coming off anytime soon. Once you are finished with the bottle the weight will stay off as long as you keep moving and eating right.

Personal Recommendation

The manufacturer does a good job of putting sensible recommendations right on the label. What they suggest is exactly what I would suggest. They instruct you to begin by taking only 1 serving per day and to gradually work your way up to 2 over the course of a week or so.

This is right on the money for several reasons. First of all, it is safe for first timers. This kind of dosing schedule allows you to see what kind of tolerance you have and to adjust the dose accordingly. Even if one pill is too much for you, they can be cut in half since they are solid pills.

More advanced users should be fine with the same dosing schedule. Even those of you who have a fair amount of experience will probably appreciate the few days used for getting used to a pill this strong.

Wrap Up

Diablos is an excellent fat burner and I can safely recommend it to everyone. It comes from a brand known for producing high quality diet pills and users confirm that it lives up to the high expectations they have for it.

As a side note, Innovative Laboratories is one of my favorite brands as well. I am always impressed by their formulas. I highly recommend considering this pill, especially if you need the extra kick or just love high energy levels.