Top Ephedra Diet Pills

Ultimate Fat Burner For Weight Loss, Energy and Bodybuilding:
Hellfire EPH 150
Hellfire EPH 150

This diet pill is my personal favorite. There is nothing stronger than it. If you’re an energy lover like me, this pill will be [...]

Energy Boost and Fast Weight Loss:
Lipodrene Hardcore With Ephedra
Lipodrene Hardcore with Ephedra

This formula has enough kick to get even the most experienced dieters amped up and ready to go [...]

The Best For Beginners:
Asia Black 25
Asia Black 25

There is one main reason that this fat burner is the best for beginners. That reason is flexibility. Each capsule gives [...]

The Best For Mental Stimulation:
Black Spider 25
Black Spider 25

Black Spider 25 has a fantastic mix of ingredients that help you mentally. Some of these include ephedra, ginseng and [...]

Things You Should Know

Best Ephedra Pills For Mental Stimulation

best-for-mental-stimulationMaybe you don’t need to lose weight. Maybe you aren’t a bodybuilder or an energy junkie either. Perhaps you want an ephedra pill that really boosts your mental performance.

If that’s the case then you’re in luck. I have chosen the top three products for mental stimulation; at least they are in my opinion. You’ll see why I chose them once I explain a little more.

Top Ingredients

The ingredients necessary for top mental performance aren’t so different from those needed for other goals. I’m sure that you already know a fair amount about the first three, so I’ll keep things short.

1. Ephedra

Ephedra may be included in one of three forms. By far, the best is the standardized extract. The other two forms are lower in quality, unstandardized extracts and raw powder. However, there is a catch.

Quality isn’t as big of a factor here as with some other goals. I still recommend going for a product with a standardized extract, but you can get away with almost anything for this purpose.

You also do not need the same amount that is required for other goals. Generally, anything above 10 mg per serving is good to go.

2. Caffeine

If you are only using the product for mental stimulation, you can use much lower amounts of caffeine than the typical dieter.

For the most part, anything that includes 50 mg or more will help your mind. The average cup of coffee has around 50 mg of caffeine.

What form the caffeine comes in isn’t so important for mental stimulation. Either the natural form or the anhydrous form will work well.

3. Green Tea

The situation changes a bit with this ingredient. I highly recommend looking for standardized green tea extract, although it is not essential.

The high amounts of EGCG it contains will go a long way towards powering your mind. However, an unstandardized extract or even raw powder will get the job done as well.

4. Tyrosine

Tyrosine is an amino acid that mainly affects your mind. It doesn’t stimulate it per se, but it does improve clarity and focus. Most of the time it is only seen in the free form, which may be listed as L-Tyrosine.

The amount isn’t really something to worry about because it often isn’t listed anyway. It’s just something you want to look for.

5. Gingko and Ginseng

Although these are two separate ingredients, I put them in the same place because I couldn’t decide between them.

In my opinion, ginseng stimulates the mind more than gingko, but gingko will give you more clarity than ginseng. Ginseng comes in three main forms, American, Siberian, and Panax which is also known as Chinese ginseng.

Any kind of ginseng will help in this area, but I believe Siberian is the best. Which kind is contained in the product will not always be listed though. Gingko only comes in one form, so that’s pretty simple.

Honorable Mention

There are always a few ingredients that don’t quite make the cut to be counted among the best of the best. In this case, you need to know that B vitamins are very valuable when stimulating the mind.

They keep you alert and help you focus. It’s nice to see them included in a product, but not absolutely necessary.

Black Spider 251st Place – Black Spider 25 by Cloma Pharma

Black Spider 25 has a fantastic mix of ingredients that help you mentally. Some of these include ephedra, green tea, black tea, caffeine, ginseng, and B vitamins.

The only downfall for this goal, if you consider it one, is the high amount of caffeine present. It may be a tad strong for beginners because of this.

However, if you are a regular coffee drinker you probably won’t have any issues with this ephedra pill. Take a closer look and read my full review.

Lean & Hot 2nd Place – Lean & Hot by Schwartz Labs

Lean & Hot is one of the top ephedra pills on the market when it comes to mental stimulation. It doesn’t give you too much of any one ingredient so it can be used for a fairly long period of time.

It has a nice mix of ephedra, caffeine, green tea, gingko, and B vitamins. Overall it is a great product from a great company.

Check out my full review if you want to know all the benefits this pill provides.

Metabodrene 3563rd Place – Metabodrene 356 by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Metabodrene is a nice little pill that is well-suited for everyday use. If you are looking for something that you can use at work Monday through Friday then this is a very good option.

It has moderate amounts of caffeine and ephedra as well as green tea extract and some ingredients strictly for health. This makes it ideal for everyday mental stimulation. If you want to know more, feel free to read my in-depth review.