Top Ephedra Diet Pills

Ultimate Fat Burner For Weight Loss, Energy and Bodybuilding:
Hellfire EPH 150
Hellfire EPH 150

This diet pill is my personal favorite. There is nothing stronger than it. If you’re an energy lover like me, this pill will be [...]

Energy Boost and Fast Weight Loss:
Lipodrene Hardcore With Ephedra
Lipodrene Hardcore with Ephedra

This formula has enough kick to get even the most experienced dieters amped up and ready to go [...]

The Best For Beginners:
Asia Black 25
Asia Black 25

There is one main reason that this fat burner is the best for beginners. That reason is flexibility. Each capsule gives [...]

The Best For Mental Stimulation:
Black Spider 25
Black Spider 25

Black Spider 25 has a fantastic mix of ingredients that help you mentally. Some of these include ephedra, ginseng and [...]

Things You Should Know

Best Ephedra Pills For Energy

energyIt doesn’t take a genius to come up with a pill that gives you a huge energy boost. With ephedra pills, this is mainly done by simply providing a sufficient amount of caffeine with the ephedra.

However, effectiveness is actually not the only consideration for this category. If you want a pill for energy, then it should be something that you can take for a long period of time.

It also needs to be safe. Ideally, it would be free of extra ingredients that you may not want. Soon you will see my top three picks for energy and why I chose them.


The main ingredients necessary for maximum energy are ephedra, caffeine, DMAA, white willow bark, and green tea. However, it is also nice to see things like ginseng, synephrine, and yohimbe when they are included in the formula.

Generally, it is easy to give someone an energy boost. The challenge comes when you want that boost to last all day. That is how the best products are separated from the rest.

1. Ephedra

Everyone knows that ephedra is one of the best substances to use when it comes to energy. It works and works well, as long as it is in a suitable form. The best form is standardized ephedra extract. Unstandardized extracts are lower in quality. Raw ephedra powder is the lowest of all in quality. Normally I suggest looking for 25 mg of standardized extract per serving. However, when energy is your goal I would consider 25 mg to be the bare minimum.

2. Caffeine

Caffeine is a great energizer all by itself, but it is much more powerful when taken with ephedra. For the most part it is only seen in two forms, natural and anhydrous. Both are about the same in quality, some people just have a preference for one or the other. If you are going for energy, look for at least 150 mg of caffeine per serving. Around 200 mg will probably be the magic number for most people.

3. DMAA/Geranium Oil

This is the best stimulant that has been discovered since ephedrine. Yes I said ephedrine. Since the ban this is the only ingredient that has come close to really replacing it, other than ephedra extract of course. Even 25 mg of DMAA on its own can get you wired, that is also what I suggest you look for in any formula you consider. The only problem you may have with geranium oil or DMAA is that most of the time the amount present is not listed on the label.

4. White Willow Bark

The main function of white willow bark is to prevent energy crashes. It comes in several forms. The most commonly used form is just basic white willow bark powder. Occasionally you will see it in a standardized form. Both work well for preventing crashes. There isn’t a huge difference between forms, but the standardized form is better.

5. Green Tea

Green tea has the same function in this situation as white willow bark. It is often seen in formulas as just “green tea.” Green tea extract is a step above this and standardized green tea extract is the best of all. Standardized green tea extract is full of EGCG and that is exactly what you want to keep your energy levels high throughout the day.

Other Notables

I put things like ginseng and B vitamins in this category. They do indeed give you extra energy, but they aren’t so great on their own. I also include synephrine, yohimbe, yohimbine, methylsynephrine, and acacia rigidula in this category. They all help, but they are more like icing on the cake.

1st Place – Hellfire EPH 150 by Innovative Laboratories

Hellfire is an all-around great ephedra pill. It’s great for weight loss, bodybuilding, and energy too. This is mainly because of the massive 150 mg dose of ephedra in every serving. It also has lots of caffeine and DMAA.

The base formula is perfect for energy. Its only downfall is that it is too strong for some users.

If you have some experience with diet pills and you want something that will boost your energy to a whole new level, give this one a try. You can also check out my in-depth review to learn more.

black-mamba2nd Place – Black Mamba Hyper Rush by Innovative Laboratories

Each capsule of Black Mamba delivers 200 mg of caffeine and 65 mg of standardized ephedra extract. This makes it perfect for energy.

The only real downfall is the lack of white willow bark and the fact that you can only take a maximum of two servings per day. The quality of the ingredients is very high.

If I was making this pill I would have added DMAA to it. You can also check out my full review.

stimerex-hardcore-ephedra3rd Place – Stimerex Hardcore by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

There are three things everyone has to say about this pill. Energy, energy, energy! Everyone raves about the energy boost they get from this pill, yours truly included.

It’s not my favorite, but I always keep some around just in case I’m feeling slow. One serving of Stimerex Hardcore is enough to kick anyone into high gear.

It has all of the ingredients mentioned on this page except for white willow bark. If you want to know more then I highly suggest reading my full review.