Top Ephedra Diet Pills

Ultimate Fat Burner For Weight Loss, Energy and Bodybuilding:
Hellfire EPH 150
Hellfire EPH 150

This diet pill is my personal favorite. There is nothing stronger than it. If you’re an energy lover like me, this pill will be [...]

Energy Boost and Fast Weight Loss:
Lipodrene Hardcore With Ephedra
Lipodrene Hardcore with Ephedra

This formula has enough kick to get even the most experienced dieters amped up and ready to go [...]

The Best For Beginners:
Asia Black 25
Asia Black 25

There is one main reason that this fat burner is the best for beginners. That reason is flexibility. Each capsule gives [...]

The Best For Mental Stimulation:
Black Spider 25
Black Spider 25

Black Spider 25 has a fantastic mix of ingredients that help you mentally. Some of these include ephedra, ginseng and [...]

Things You Should Know

Ephedrine, ECA, Ephedra Diet Pills - Advice from Expert

You want to get ripped. That’s why you’re here. You want to be hard, chiseled, cut; anyway you put it you want to eliminate fat.

My name is Jeff Adams. I’m a bodybuilder. I’ve been working out for years. Before I learned what I’m about to tell you, I was big. I was strong too but I never had the whole package.

When I began bodybuilding I bought every supplement I could afford. I believed all the hype and thought I could do everything overnight.

Needless to say, I was very disappointed with what most products did for me. Some of them were downright scams. The biggest disappointment of all was with fat burners though.

I did my best every time I tried one. I followed a strict diet and did hours of cardio, but I could never lose as much fat as I wanted to. I thought that maybe I just wasn’t cut out to be a bodybuilder. I almost gave up. Then the day came when my buddy told me I had “paid my dues.”

“Bro, it’s time for me to let you in on a secret. Jeff, you’re an animal. I’ve been watching you and the other guys have been too. You’ve earned what I’m about to tell you...”

My friend went on to tell me that there really was an easy way to lose fat and it wasn’t in any of the magazines or health stores. He taught me everything about ephedra and ephedrine.

I went home and put my new knowledge to use. I managed to get some ephedrine pills a few days later.

Diet and cardio stayed the same. Weight came off. Diet and cardio changed. More weight came off. Then I just dropped the cardio for a while to focus on building more muscle.

I kept losing fat. Every day I could look in the mirror and see progress. I was almost as ripped as my friends. Everything they told me was true.

That was two years ago. Since then my life has changed in many ways. I’ve entered bodybuilding contests and won. I’m in the best shape of my life and I’m always full of energy. I am finally thrilled about my body. All the years of hard work have paid off ten-fold.

If you are one of the many people that are going through what I did, this site is for you. I can’t describe how much better life is not being just satisfied, but proud of your body.
I want you to know that feeling. That’s why I created this site. If you’ve struggled only to find yourself moving ever so slowly towards your fat loss goals, this site will help you

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These are the top two brands of ephedrine on the market today. I’ll explain to you why, the similarities, differences, and if one is really better than the other. I’ll start with the similarities. Dose Both of these pills are exactly 8 mg each. In this area they are the same. The good thing about […]

Synergenex Ephedrine HCL

This is a standard 8 mg pill. Most pills that contain the HCL form come in this size. Everyone does that for a reason, the reason is that this size works the best. You can easily start off with a small dose and work your way up as your tolerance builds. This allows you to have precise control […]

Kaizen is one of the top brands of ephedrine on the market. They have been for quite a while actually. They are the brand of choice for many individuals looking to lose weight and for good reason. In fact there are several reasons why they have been preferred and continue to be, let me tell you why […]

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This fat burner is interesting. It is definitely one of the more powerful pills on the market, but at the same time it should not be too strong for most people. The formula really looks good in this one, so let’s get down to business. Producer Black Mamba Hyper Rush is produced by a company […]

As the name implies, this product is in fact a stack. However, don’t be fooled. While this is a very high quality product it is not the exact ECA stack that had a legendary reputation a few years ago. Is it worth trying? That’s for you to decide, but I’ll give you my take on […]

I would like to start this review by saying that this is currently one of the top ephedra pills on the market. I’m going to tell you exactly why this product is among the best out there. The Company Green Stingers are produced by a company called Schwartz Labs. This particular brand has been making […]

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Both straight ephedrine (single) and ephedra diet pills (combo) have their own distinct advantages. If you have a little more experiences with far burners and losing weight then a combination product is probably the way to go. However, that is ultimately for you to decide. I’m just here to give you the facts and some […]

Positive and Side Effects of Ephedrine

In this article I will tell you about both the positive and negative effects of ephedrine on the body. Using it properly will lead to many more good effects than bad ones, while using it improperly can lead to some unpleasant side effects. It is not wise to abuse this ingredient. Before we get to […]

This is a very important topic, especially considering the fact that side effects and adverse events have been experienced by some when they misuse ephedrine-based products. Although the safety of these products has been proven multiple times, it is still important to know what you should do and what you should not do. Since I […]